Top Ways to Expand Businesses Using Social Media

Given the popularity of social media sites today, it can be a wise decision to use them to promote your brand or website. This can attract new visitors to your website, as well as keep your existing clientele in the know. Here are the best ways you can use social media to expand your business:

Use it to Sell Your Products
If you are selling a new product or service on your website, be sure to mention it on your business’ Facebook or Twitter page. Many people use social media more than they watch television, so this is an effective way to advertise. You can also notify your social media followers of any deals and discounts.

Use Social Media for Drawings and Contests
Many businesses and websites have used social media contests to attract more visitors. For example: a video game company may offer one free access code for an upcoming game if its followers follow the company’s page and retweet the message. This has the potential to increase your business’ consumer base or your website’s readership.

Use Social Media for Customer Service
You can also social media to help your customers with any problems they may be experiencing with your website or product. You can create posts that encourage your followers to ask for help, but you should also pay attention to comments and unsolicited messages. By helping these individuals online where everyone can see, you will increase your business’ positive reputation and potentially increase followers and sales.



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