Finding your Brand’s Voice

The concept of “voice” might be something only heard in music or literature, which is why some businesses opt not to pay attention to theirs. Your business might have an eye-catching logo and visually appealing color selections, but your brand voice is the factor which makes your business stand out from your competition. This can be particularly effective in your content marketing strategy since it’s not only the things you say but the way you say them that could leave an impression on your customers.


Finding your voice is the easiest part of creating your brand’s voice. You simply need to determine what makes your business unique, and what makes your products and services special. Moreover, you’ll need to determine the culture your company has, and know how you want to be regarded by your customers and your community. Don’t settle with the usual words such as “friendly” and “reliable” – these would only earn eye rolls.


Now comes the more difficult part: translating your values into words. Brand marketing strategists can help you with putting the things you want to say into words, but it’s also important to create your own draft of how you want to introduce yourself to the world. You can begin by choosing a pronoun that best suits your brand and avoiding sprinkling your words with jargon just to look cool. Moreover, you’ll also need to take your voice everywhere, so consider every medium where you’ll have to use it, big or small.


How Smart Brand Marketers Do Their Job

Brand marketing is a task that is both fun and stressful. Fun because it boosts your creativity, and stressful because its result can make or break your business or the venture you are marketing. If you fail, everything else falls apart. So, as a marketer, you have to fully understand the ins and outs of brand marketing to create and implement an effective strategy.

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Presenting a Viable Image for Security Firms

The security industry is one of the more lucrative business fields in the world. Mostly staffed by former military and law-enforcement operatives, security firms offer various solutions to serve and protect clients in ways that the armed forces and police are prohibited from doing under regulations. If you recently put up a security company in your area and are now ready to be of service to the community, you need Reston brand marketing strategists to better gear your firm to potential clients. Continue reading

Different Ways you’re ruining your Brand

In the world of business, your business’ brand is its face. When its façade is ruined, its reputation follows suit, and with it, profits go out the window. Sadly, not a lot of companies know that some of the things they do actually ruin their brand. Here are some of the most common:

Inconsistency – Through consistent slogans and practices, a brand makes some sort of promise: i.e. Volvo’s “safe,” Rolex’s “quality”. Once a brand tries to act out of this promise even for the shortest amount of time, current and potential customers can get easily alienated from the picture. Continue reading