Top Ways to Expand Businesses Using Social Media

Given the popularity of social media sites today, it can be a wise decision to use them to promote your brand or website. This can attract new visitors to your website, as well as keep your existing clientele in the know. Here are the best ways you can use social media to expand your business:
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Different Ways you’re ruining your Brand

In the world of business, your business’ brand is its face. When its façade is ruined, its reputation follows suit, and with it, profits go out the window. Sadly, not a lot of companies know that some of the things they do actually ruin their brand. Here are some of the most common:

Inconsistency – Through consistent slogans and practices, a brand makes some sort of promise: i.e. Volvo’s “safe,” Rolex’s “quality”. Once a brand tries to act out of this promise even for the shortest amount of time, current and potential customers can get easily alienated from the picture. Continue reading

How You Should Deal with Negative Reviews

Several studies have shown that many people decide to forego doing business with an establishment if they find a negative review online. Unfortunately, most businesses will have to deal with a negative review from a disgruntled customer. If this ever happens to you, this is how you should deal with the negative review to help you maintain a positive image:

Don’t Lash Out

Do not match negativity with more negativity; it will only add more fuel to the fire, as well as make you look petty. Take the highroad and resist the urge to let a tirade loose. Continue reading

Learning from Some of the Most Successful Brands

Every startup business aspires to become a top player someday in its respective industry. Every marketing expert would advise the same thing: build your own brand—that image for which you want to be known by millions all over the globe. Some of the world’s biggest brands, in fact, offer great inspiration for startup companies to learn about cultivating a positive brand image.

Apple – When people talk of Apple, it is almost exclusively linked with simple, yet high-tech and high-quality electronics. Ask some of the company’s loyal supporters, and they’re likely to proudly quip, “I’m a Mac.” The company’s overall brand is known for projecting a lifestyle that is hip, fun, and cutting-edge in terms of technology, making clever use of often trendy and youthful graphics to reinforce the brand itself.

Coca-Cola – This Company’s brand image is quite simply an icon. Worth about $70 billion, Coca-Cola’s brand is built from the kind of campaign that constantly find ways to connect with its customers through the years. The company’s brand marketing strategy is one of the most direct – they actively push forward to achieve set goals. Now that’s one point each for initiative and determination.

Disney – Disney has been continuously praised for its ability to begin with a unique idea, then adapting it to various forms of media and expanding the investment through various merchandise. For decades, it has been a symbol of good childhood memories, and it is not likely to go down anytime soon.